We are experiencing some issues with online ordering on mobile devices, so if you have problems please call or order on your PC computer. Thank you.

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Before you begin ordering…

Age Disclaimer

Our products are available for order by and for customers over the legal drinking age of 21 years.

Online Ordering Hours

  • The Grape Ape online ordering is only available on Monday - Saturday 10AM - 5P
  • Our ordering platform will be turned off after hours.

Confirmation, Acceptance, and Rejection

    Order Confirmation:
  • Once you have placed and purchased your The Grape Ape order you will receive a receipt via email.
    Order Acceptance:
  • Your order will not be officially accepted until you receive an acceptance email from a member of our The Grape Ape team.
  • All online orders will be accepted or rejected within 1-hour of receipt.
  • If your order is accepted you can expect delivery in our standard delivery window of 2p - 6p. Or you can pick up your order at the designated pick-up window of 12p - 6p.
    Order Rejection: Your order may be rejected for one of the following reasons:
    • Your order’s delivery address is outside of our designated delivery zones communicated on our website.
    • There is not enough inventory to fulfill your order during the time you request.
    For all rejected orders we will give you the following options:
    • Full refund
    • Move the delivery day
    • Change order procurement to pick-up (if out of the delivery zone)

Multiple Orders

    Gifting Orders:
  • We do not allow customers to submit one large order for delivery to many different addresses.
  • You must place each order with different delivery addresses separately.
  • Alternatively, you can place one large order for multiple kits and pick-up and handle delivery yourself.
    Maximum Quantity:
  • The maximum quantity for each product you can order is (10)
  • You can submit multiple orders to meet your desired volume or just call us to place the order.

Ordering For a Future Date

  • Online orders for a future date can be no more than seven days out.
  • Please call us if you want to discuss an order even further out.

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We are currently taking phone orders only after 3PM. Give us a call! 469.724.1787. Grazie!